Keith W. Strandberg began producing after his second screenplay, "Raging Thunder," was made into a feature film called "No Retreat No Surrender II." Strandberg has been one of the most successful action-adventure producers ever, with 10 profitable movies to his credit, all from his own screenplays. Some of the pictures he has written and produced include "No Retreat No Surrender I - III," "The King of the
" "American Shaolin," "SuperFights" and many more. Currently, Strandberg is prepping several new projects. In addition to feature films, Strandberg has produced many industrial films, advertisements, short films and documentaries. Strandberg has also taught producing at Towson University (Maryland, USA), at the Action Film Camps and is currently teaching at Webster University (Geneva, Switzerland).

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Action Film Making Master Class Textbook

As the founder and chief instructor for the Action Film Making Camps, I wrote the Action Film Making Master Class textbook, designed to show students what I had learned over my years making action films. Here are two excerpts. Look for more to be posted on the website in coming months.

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  • No Retreat No Surrender: "This is without a doubt one of the most underrated martial arts films of the 1980s."
  • No Retreat No Surrender 3: Producer Ng See-Yuen reunites with Producer/Writer Keith W. Strandberg and tae kwon do expert Loren Avedon in this tale that takes a page from Ng's first film with Seasonal Film Corporation, THE SECRET RIVALS.
  • The King of the Kickboxers: “This is clearly one of the most underrated movies to come out in the B-movie circuit of the early 1990's.”
  • American Shaolin: “(Producer and screenwriter) Keith W. Strandberg became a major force to be reckoned with when it comes to crossing over Hong Kong action with Hollywood casting for their films…This time around, Strandberg came up with a perfect concept for the film: What if an American broke the barriers and got a chance to become a Shaolin monk?. Strandberg comes up with an intricate story that complements the martial arts fighting of the film.”
  • SuperFights: “SUPERFIGHTS is a very well made story about the dark side of fame and glory mixed in with some top notch fights courtesy of Tony Leung.”
  • Bloodmoon: "In their final collaboration, Ng See-Yuen and Producer/Writer Keith W. Strandberg developed a modern action thriller."

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